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We have been involved with real estate lending for a long time and have built up a reservoir of knowledge.
We hope you will find these resources helpful.

Short term loans made this rental home opportunity possible

How to Vet Prospective Tenants

If a landlord finds a reliable tenant, he can count on a predictable flow of rental income. The challenge is how to identify whether a prospective tenant is going to be “reliable.” Our latest guide provides best practices for navigating the tenant screening process.

Short term loan made this kitchen renovation possible

Fix & Flips: What Packs a Punch (and What Doesn’t)?

We have compiled a list of best practices in addition to a list of common pitfalls when it comes to doing a fix & flip. We hope these tips will prove helpful to you when you next fix & flip a home.


Short term loans made this rental home opportunity possible

12 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Lender

We have been in the business of lending for years now and have seen quite a lot. Many borrowers come to us after things did not quite go as planned with their previous lender. There are a lot of good lenders out there, but there are also some bad apples. We have put together a list of questions to ask your Lender before signing a term sheet.

Bridge loans made this rental home dream a reality

Strategies for Successful Fix & Flips

There is no sure-fire recipe for success in real estate investment, as there is always an element of risk. But there are some strategies that can make success more likely than not when it comes to fix & flips. Read our guide to find out more.