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Investors ask us questions all the time such as, “Do you know a good contractor?” “Do you know an interior designer?” We have compiled a list of people we have worked with before who are investor-friendly and experienced.
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Architects can help with supervising the construction process, resolving any planning issues, managing the environmental impact of projects, consulting other design professionals and sticking to financial budgets.
DesignHAND Architects

Contact: Calvin McCargo Jr
Phone: 443-540-5565
Email: calvin@designhandarchitects.com


We have a network of professional contractors who can help investors of all experience levels get the most out of each and every project.
The Washington Building Group, LLC

Contact: Michael Washington, LEED AP
Phone: 443-651-9610
Email: mwashington@thewbgllc.com
Website: www.thewbgllc.com

Insurance Agencies

We work with several local insurance agents to help investors save money and protect their investments.

Interior Designers

Check out these interior designers who can help stage your flips for maximum resale value!
Paradise Interiors

Contact: Alexis Frecska
Phone: 410-733-4812

SunFlower Home Designs, Inc.

Contact: Michael Libcke
Phone: 301-832-2116
Email: mlibcke100@gmail.com


Purchase a property that needs specialty roofing work? We have a network of roofers available for any construction needs.

Contact: Gary Kosoy
Phone: 443-983-7663
Email: ameriroofs@yahoo.com

Title Services

Title companies play a big part in ensuring that your deal moves quickly an smoothly. Check out our trusted title partners!
Micasa Title Group, LLC

Contact: Mark Gheiler

Phone: 410-753-3500
Email: mark@micasatg.com

RESE Title

Contact: RESE Title
Phone: 888-888-0979

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