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Hard Money Lending

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We look forward to introducing you to the next level in real estate investment lending.

Short-Term LendingLong-Term Lending

Short-Term Loans

Simply put, we do what we say we are going to do. We understand how important it is to have a lender you can trust, whether it be delivering at the closing table or funding draws promptly. Whether it is fix and flip funding, bridge financing, a loan for ground up construction or funding to close quickly on rent-ready property, Pimlico Capital is in it for your success.

Long-Term Loans

If you need long term funding for your residential rental properties, we have you covered. Our online application can be filled out in a couple of minutes and we will immediately provide you with several different rate options for your refi.


“I have done multiple deals with the Pimlico Group with great terms and have been highly successful. I definitely recommend the service for any investors interested in real estate development.”

—Geno Link

“I have been doing Real Estate Investing for 25 years and having a lender that will work with me is one of the most critical needs of my business. Victor and Aron were always available. Thank you for your service and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

—Raphael Cassagnol

“Pimlico Capital was very transparent. These guys are honest people. I would recommend Pimlico to anyone looking for a hard money lender.”

—Ronnie Haskins

“Pimlico moves really fast with closing and have some of the greatest rates in the DMV area. They made the whole process of buying and construction draws very easy. I would recommend Pimlico!”

—Mit Smith

“I LOVE working with Pimlico Group!I They make sure we steer clear of BAD deals and are on track to make money! Their honesty and integrity make working with them tremendous! Love men of their word and Aron and Victor are two men of their word!”

—Kathryn O’Neil-Corley

“Pimlico Capital is a dream team to work with. I won’t use anyone else.”

—Mick TK

“Pimlico Group is Number one in Baltimore Hard Money, closing is a snap with this lender. Extremely reliable and honest. They are the best.”

—Gary Kosoy

“Aron and Victor were great to work with on my rehab loan in Baltimore City. Professional, quick, and efficient the whole time. Were able to fund within a couple weeks and worked with me through a refinance process that took longer than expected. Great guys, great business.”

—Dereck Hough

“Pimlico Capital are the best guys in the business.”

—Brian Chance

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Pimlico Capital is a private hard money lender based in Baltimore, Maryland. We offer seamless service for your borrowing needs, whether it be for a fix n flip, buy and hold, bridge loan, or construction. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor practiced in the art of flipping houses or new to real estate investment, Pimlico Capital is your local source for hard money lending.

We offer competitive and transparent loan rates, an efficient and convenient process, and a superb track record. Apply now for your hard money loan.

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