How ARM Loans Can Benefit Investors in a Tough Market

arm loans for investment properties

It’s no secret that 2022 is a tough year in the real estate market. With high inflation and rising interest rates, good deals are harder to come by, and financing a long-term rental property is a lot more expensive than it was at the beginning of this year. For anyone looking to grow a strong […]

Mortgage Rates are Falling Despite the Increased Fed Funds Rate

2022 investment property mortgage rates

Anyone who has been paying attention to financial markets in 2022 has been witness to a bit of a roller coaster in the last several months. Historically low interest rates at the end of 2021 quickly disappeared as 30-year rental mortgage rates jumped back to levels not seen since before the Great Recession brought on […]

Why 30-Year Investment Property Mortgage Rates Shot Up

rental loan rates

If you’ve been seeking to refinance rental properties with a 30-year investment property mortgage recently, then you’re probably aware of how quickly rates have increased for those long-term financing options. Throughout 2020 and 2021, the long-term rental loan market saw record lows with interest rates getting down under 4% – and this was true even […]

Three Great Reasons to Lock In a Long-Term Rental Loan ASAP

rental loans for real estate investors

Perhaps this goes without saying, but the last couple of years have been… hectic. Thanks to a global pandemic leading to massive economic shutdowns as a means of avoiding a catastrophic public health event, times have been tough for a lot of home and business owners. Monetary policy has been at the forefront of the […]