Real Estate Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

real estate trends 2023

While we all prepare to turn the page on 2022 and start a fresh year, it’s important to take time to reflect on everything that has happened in the real estate market in order to try to figure out where the market is headed in 2023. It’s no secret that this year has been tough […]

Why Baltimore is a Great Real Estate Market for Investors

investing in baltimore real estate

As Baltimore hard money lenders, we’re always looking at trends that are happening in our own backyard. Though we lend in more than 30 states, we got our start right here in Maryland and are still very active in the local area. As locals, we see a bright future for this city despite the challenges […]

Foreclosure Filings Increase Significantly in 2022

foreclosures 2022

After two years of unusually low foreclosure activity, filings have picked up substantially throughout the first half of 2022 according to data released in July. Data analytics firm ATTOM Data shows that first-half foreclosure filings went up a whopping 153% in the first half of 2022 compared to the year prior. While some media outlets […]

Mortgage Rates are Falling Despite the Increased Fed Funds Rate

mortgage rates 2022

Anyone who has been paying attention to financial markets in 2022 has been witness to a bit of a roller coaster in the last several months. Historically low interest rates at the end of 2021 quickly disappeared as 30-year mortgages jumped back to levels not seen since before the Great Recession brought on by the […]

Housing Price Cuts Are Coming to a Market Near You

housing price cuts

Over the last couple of years, housing markets nationwide have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for investors. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed a lot of first-time homebuyers to enter the market as interest rates hit record lows, causing booms in markets that had previously been considered affordable. As the pandemic has brought on persistent […]

Mortgage Demand Slows, Signals Housing Market Cooldown

mortgage demand

Earlier this month, news outlets reported that mortgage applications decreased, a clear sign that the red-hot housing market is starting to cool down. With housing prices at or near all-time highs, increased mortgage rates are pricing many would-be homebuyers out of the market entirely. This has also led to a decrease in demand for long-term […]

Are We Headed for a Housing Market Crash in 2022?

housing market crash

It’s no secret – the housing market has been red hot ever since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic brought major changes to American society. Between a flood of first-time buyers entering the market, supply shortages due to manufacturing and shipping restrictions, as well as the pre-existing condition of low housing inventory, housing prices have […]