Strategies Explained: Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing

buy & hold real estate

If there’s one thing that all experienced and successful real estate investors have in common, it’s a propensity for planning. In order to consistently turn profits on real estate investments, it’s important for investors to know exactly what they’re getting into with each project before determining whether purchasing the property will be worth their time […]

DSCR: What it is and Why it Matters for Real Estate Investing

dscr loans real estate

Real estate investing involves a healthy amount of alphabet soup – tons of industry-specific acronyms for investors to keep track of. Experienced investors are probably very well aware of what DSCR stands for, but even still, we tend to get questions about why this metric is so important. So, in an effort to peel back […]

Best Use Cases for 30-Year Rental Investment Loans

30-year rental loans for investors

There are a lot of different ways to successfully invest in real estate, but for the purposes of this article, we’re going to talk specifically about long-term investment strategies and when 30-year rental investment loans tend to work best for investors. Whether purchasing or refinancing, there are several scenarios where taking out a long-term rental […]

Three Great Reasons to Lock In a Long-Term Rental Loan ASAP

rental loans for real estate investors

Perhaps this goes without saying, but the last couple of years have been… hectic. Thanks to a global pandemic leading to massive economic shutdowns as a means of avoiding a catastrophic public health event, times have been tough for a lot of home and business owners. Monetary policy has been at the forefront of the […]