Where to Dispose of Used Building Materials in Baltimore

dispose of used building materials

We previously blogged about recycling building materials. What if you have used building materials that are not recyclable? How can you dispose of those materials locally? Below we provide information for both Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Baltimore County

Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works provides comprehensive information on its website regarding what types of building materials can be disposed of where. There is even a searchable directory where you can enter the type of material you are looking to dispose of that will allow you to quickly determine what your options are.

In particular, the Honeygo Rubble Landfill (also known as the Honeygo Run Landfill and the Honeygo Run Reclamation Center) located in White Marsh is permitted to accept a wide array of construction and demolition debris. This includes lumber, wood, shingles, metal, carpet, concrete, drywall, plaster and plasterboard, appliances, and packaging materials. There is a fee charged for disposal which varies based on volume and type of waste. Residents can call the landfill in advance at (410) 335-9500 for a list of rates. Dropoff information is available here.

Construction and demolition debris can also be disposed of at the Days Cove C&D Landfill, also in White Marsh. The cost to dispose of construction and demolition debris (such as brick, concrete, other masonry materials, stone, glass, wall coverings, drywall, etc.) is $72.00 per ton.

There are some instances where a Refuse Disposal Authorization may be necessary, such as if a resident is delivering waste that could be construed as commercial waste.

Baltimore City

In Baltimore City, construction and demolition debris (C&DD) materials are accepted at two locations: The Northwest Transfer Station and the Quarantine Road Landfill. The City defines C&DD as “those materials resulting from the alteration, construction, destruction, rehabilitation, or repair of any manmade physical structure including houses…” It is important to note that there is a fee for the disposal of C&DD materials of $67.50 per ton. More clarity regarding what can and cannot be disposed of at these locations is provided here.

Baltimore City also offers the “Small Haulers Program,” which is an initiative of the Department of Public Works. The intent of this program is to make it easier for small commercial haulers to dispose of trash, which will in turn reduce instances of illegal dumping and facilitate keeping the City of Baltimore Clean. This program offers two different disposal sites and provides for a fee of $20 per load versus the usual fee.