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Strategies Explained: Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing

If there’s one thing that all experienced and successful real estate investors have in common, it’s a propensity for planning ...
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flipping condos

The Advantages of Flipping Condominiums

As every real estate investor knows, there are a lot of different property types that can be bought, renovated, and ...
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investment mortgage rates 2022

What’s Going to Happen to Real Estate Interest Rates in 2022?

As we settle deeper into the new year this February, we’re beginning to see some patterns unfold that tell us ...
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invest in maryland real estate

Best Places to Invest in Maryland Real Estate in 2022

For a relatively small coastal state, Maryland has an incredibly diverse landscape with a variety of urban, suburban, and rural ...
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dscr loans

DSCR: What it is and Why it Matters for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing involves a healthy amount of alphabet soup – tons of industry-specific acronyms for investors to keep track ...
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buy and hold real estate

Best Use Cases for 30-Year Rental Investment Loans

There are a lot of different ways to successfully invest in real estate, but for the purposes of this article, ...
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virtual real estate metaverse

Virtual Real Estate Has Arrived in the Metaverse

There have been some interesting updates in technology since the start of the Covid pandemic, especially when it comes to ...
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blanket loans for real estate investors

When Do Blanket Loans Make Sense for Real Estate Investors?

As with any investment market, real estate can be somewhat unpredictable. If you’re leveraging your investments, then it’s important to ...
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long term rental property mortgage

Three Great Reasons to Lock In a Long-Term Rental Loan ASAP

Perhaps this goes without saying, but the last couple of years have been… hectic. Thanks to a global pandemic leading ...
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how to estimate arv on fix & flip

Tips for Accurately Estimating ARV on a Fix & Flip

As any experienced real estate investor knows, accurately estimating the after repair value (ARV) for a fix & flip project ...
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