Worst-Case Scenario Planning for Landlords

emergency planning for landlords

Some landlords, through a combination of excellent planning with a little bit of luck thrown in for good measure, are fortunate to have smooth experiences with their tenants. Most landlords, though, will find themselves with some kind of issue(s) to contend with along the way—whether it be vacancy issues, problematic tenants, persistent maintenance issues, or […]

Avoiding and Addressing Water Issues in Baltimore Rental Properties

water bill problems baltimore rental properties

Baltimore County and Baltimore City are both serviced by Baltimore City in terms of the provision of water. Baltimore City’s responsibilities to Baltimore County also include water billing and maintenance and repairs of the water system. Accordingly, the information below relates to water service in both the city and the county. In Baltimore, water accounts […]

Keys to Improving Your Credit Score

how to improve credit score

We are often asked by borrowers and prospective borrowers (1) how they can improve their credit score and (2) how quickly that improvement will be reflected on their credit report. The second question is not an easy one to answer, as different strategies for improving credit can impact the improvement in credit scoring faster than […]

Best Practices for Selecting a Property Management Company

select a property manager

We recently authored a guide on best practices for selecting tenants. Just as that process is fraught with potential pitfalls, so is the process of selecting a third-party property management company if the landlord decides she does not want to self-manage. Making a good decision about selecting a property management company requires asking the right […]

The Pros and Cons of Inherited Tenants

what to do with inherited tenants

Inherited tenants can be a blessing or a curse. And sometimes they can fall somewhere in between. Some real estate investors argue that they would never purchase a rental property if it would mean inheriting tenants, as they want to have full control over tenancy decisions. Others feel that, if properly vetted before the sale, […]

What is “wholetailing”?


There seems to be no end to the number of acronyms one will come across when diving into real estate investing…ARV, LTC, LTV, NOI, HELOC, BRRRR, PTDI, etc. The same goes for industry-specific terms: house hacking, cash for keys, professional tenants, . One of the newer terms that is being tossed around these days is […]

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

real estate upgrades

Whether you are fixing and flipping a home, rehabbing it and holding it as a rental, or living in it yourself, there is much discussion among real estate investors in terms of affordable ways to add appeal to a property. Some of these ideas include: Ensuring each tenant or resident has a space for their […]

Where to Dispose of Used Building Materials in Baltimore

dispose of used building materials

We previously blogged about recycling building materials. What if you have used building materials that are not recyclable? How can you dispose of those materials locally? Below we provide information for both Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Baltimore County Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works provides comprehensive information on its website regarding what types of […]

A Mutual Admiration Society

In 2016, Pimlico Capital owners Victor Lipnitsky and Aron Yehuda were introduced to King Awonusi and Usman Jan of Federal Hill-based Integrity Real Estate Group. Usman was born in Pakistan and immigrated to NY with his family when he was six months old.  He graduated from Howard HS, attended Towson University, and his first job […]

Best Practices for Appraisals

house appraisal best practices

We’ve blogged before about best practices for pre-sale inspections. Now we turn to appraisals and offer a range of tips that can ensure the fairest possible outcome. Exterior: The exterior of the property will be the first thing that the appraiser lays eyes on, but it is often de-prioritized by sellers. It is particularly important […]